Our Laura Tee is made of 100% Tencel, also known as the textile Lyocell. It's a fiber made of wood pulp from trees farmed on certified sustainable farms. Tencel is renowned in the industry for its low carbon footprint, thanks to low water consumption and a closed loop production process.

Tencel is also loved for its extra soft, lightweight feel that is friendly to sensitive skin while being surprisingly durable.

Long associated with effortless, laid-back luxury, linen is a fabric woven from the fibers of flax plant stems and is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It's a tough, hypo-allergenic, and environmentally-kind fiber that softens with wear but can last years and years if cared for with love. 

We wanted to use linen for our Sun tee and blended with Tencel in the Seline tee because of its stronger properties and aesthetic value. We wanted all of our t-shirts to scream luxe comfort and cool - and this is exactly what linen offers. Our linen tees are super-soft, washable and will drape perfectly over your body. 

Modal is a type of rayon processed from the fibers of the beech tree. Like cotton, it’s soft, breathable and relatively low-maintenance which is why we chose it for our long-sleeve Devyn tee. Blended with cotton, it’s a great insulating fabric that is perfect for layering in the cooler months. We know you'll love how it feels and wears.

There is no material more classic and seasonless than cotton, the versatile do-it-all that can withstand just about anything. We chose to blend our long-sleeve Devyn tee with cotton for its breathability and comfort for all occasions. It can be washed and worn over and over again while retaining its look and feel.

While all of our materials can be machine washed, we highly recommend hand-washing all of our tees in cold water and lying flat or hanging to dry. Hand washing uses much less water and energy and will best preserve the shape and feel of all our tees.